Title : Betterman
Author : ?

that's a manga i accidently found on the net. I don't what happened a the very end of the story but it seems there is a tg transformation.

Title : Boku Ga Konojo Ni Kigaetara
Author : Machan Mankin

Highschool boy and girl accidentaly exchange their bodies falling in the stairs.Mostly transated.

Title : Change!
Author : Tatsuya Miyamoto
"Change!" is a very good manga in which the main character, a girl(please post me her name in the forum!)get into weird situations. Every time someone hits his head with hers he's trapped in her body for a short time and controles it!
Title :Daijoubu
Author : ? (please post me)

"Daijoubu" Is an adult Manga. there's only one tg scene and i don't really anderstand what's going on in there.

Title :The Drop of Alchemilla
Author : ?
I came accross it surfing the web.
It's about a sex change medicine.

Title : Hen
Author : Hiroya Oku
Hen is a very strange manga the tg part is a short story you'll find in volume 1 and 3 of the manga. I'm n but it's about a guy hwo slowly transforms into a girl after having sex whit one one night And he/she can't return back to male until he/she reaches orgasm in his/her female body.
Title : Minna Agechau
Author : ?
Nina Agechau is a very good manga that longs 17 volumes.In volume 12 the two main charachters switch bodies accidently but i still don't anderstand the story if someone is able to write it to me it will help me a lot..
Title : Hyper Doctor
Author : ?
Another Great manga i've founded online! It's about a highschool boy who is kidnaped by a beautiful female
(at least at the begining of the story)Doctor who place his head on a woman's body.
That's how i interprated these images.
If i 'm wrong let me know.
What are the Caracters names?
Post me.
Title :Secret Plot Deep
Author : ?
Very weird dreams for this guy....
Title :Sexhibition
Author : ?
A guy uses a virtual reality device to become a women in an other world,and is finally caught
Title : Angel Luck
Author : ?

That's a cool short manga that has been translated by K in English i added the text to the panels.
Title : Chinami's secrets
Author : ?

It's a manga i bought in France so i've add it to the site and translated it
It's about a desperated guy who see's his wish to have sex realised by god himself!
Title : Rei Rei Vol.1
Author : ?

A boy is turn into a girl and has sex with his freind.
Title : Rei Rei Vol.2
Author : ?

A boy is turn into a girl with huge breasts as punishment for his behaviour
Title :Chako no aruaruworld
Author : ?

A boy wishes to become a woman in order to experience lesbian sex
Title : Tanoshi dojin seikaku
Author : ?

A boy takes a medicine to calm down but he gets unexpected results.
Title : Change the Chance
Author : ?

That's a very cool manga i love it! that has been translated by K in English I added the text to the panels.
It's about a man that swap bodies with an idol by runing into her and then.... well it's in english now so why don't you check by yourself ?
Title : Big Sister's Pet fisrt story
Author : ?

Here's an other story that has been translated by K.
It's about a student that gets a job in a research lab of his university where he is going to be used as ghinea pig.
Title : Big Sister's Pet second story
Author : ?

This second story is about a man that wants to become a powerfull wizard in order to accomplish his quest he has to obey Lassy's every wish during 13 months and 13 days.
Title : Future Memory
Author : ?

In this story a man is transformed into a woman and has sex. Enjoy!
Title : Chenjii
Author : ?

Taichi swap bodies with his girlfriend using pills his father gave him telling him only that it would be interesting...
Title : Dashinuke metamorphose
Author : ?

Yuuri has a secret he wants to hide from his girlfriend Hime chan until his sister Nokko comes in to play.
Title : Ogenki Clinic
Author : ?

The Doctor and Tatassé swap bodies after sex...
Title : Yume Demo Iretai
Author : Akagiryuu

Kaoru has got bo experience with women but one evening something impossible happens to him
Title : So Young
Author : Suehiro Gari

Two highschool Students boy and girl and their english teacher swap bodies falling in the stairs
The girl becomes the teacher, the boy becomes the girl and the teacher becomes the boy
Title : Yumiko Ojisan
Author : ?

A middle aged man runs into a highschool girl and swap bodies with her permanently.he decides to have some fun and runs into the first public WC he finds.
Title : Doyonyon
Author : ?

That's a cool 1 panel manga
Title : He is she
Author : ?

A perverted boy who takes advantage of women is turned into a girl to be tought a lesson
Title : Koi suru Sayo-Chan
Author : ?

Short story
Title : Metamoe
Author : ?

A male scientist turns himself into a woman and turns another female scientist into a man to have sex with her
Title : Mutya
Author : ?

A highschool boy swap bodies with his father's prostitute and remain like this
Title : Naka yoiki koto ha subarashiki kana
Author : ?

Brother and sister swap bodies while sleeping and must have sex to return to normal
Title : Physical Flapper
Author : ?

A perverted boy swap bodies with a magical girl. Great manga
Title : Michael Plan
Author : Distance

A Two boys get turned into hot women 3 full volumes here but only in japanese
Title : Bisyor
Author : ?

A boy and a lesbian girl swap bodies permanently after falling in the stairs
Title : Love Marmot
Author : ?

A boy is turned into a girl by his brother I got a second chapter of this waiting for a translator

Title : Changing Honey
Author : ?

A gay couple go through some changes when one of them is turned into a woman will the other still love him/her ?

Title : Act Female
Author : ?

A boy uses a body suit and becomes a girl later he decides to reamin like this and takes over his sister place

Title : Ecstasy Bomber
Author : ?

Full story manga in which a sexaully transmitable virus turns people into beautifull girls

Title : I became a woman
Author : ?

A womaniser is turned into a woman as an experiment

Title : Ecstasy Bomber
Author : ?

Full story manga in which a sexaully transmitable virus turns people into beautifull girls

Title : Oh! La la!
Author : ?

Warior and Princess switch genders

Title : Onnanoko Club
Author : Saizou Horihone

Boys turn into girls after kissing a girl and can get back by kissing her again

Title : Desire
Author : ?

A man is turned into a woman in some kind of very realistic virtual reality

Title : Urce-Lu 01
Author : ?

A man is turned into a woman by magic to be sacrified but get rescude and traped in a woman body Vol 2 and 3 untranslated so far

Title : GCU
Author : ?

What If a man woke up in the body of a pop idol ?
What if a man and his woman assistant swaped bodies overnight ? How would they ract ?
Answers here

Title : Guruguru miracle magical life
Author : ?

Boy and girls swaping bodies who's who

Title : Inkou
Author : ?

Akino and Ryousouke discover they can swap bodies after sex and decide to go through some experimentations of the other sex 3 chapters long

Title : Koukan
Author : ?

Brother and sister swap bodies and can't return back

Title : Falling Angel
Author : Distance

A boy's mind get transfered into a beautifull girls body that fell on him although his own body seems to be himself this is a manga by Distance the same author as Micahel Plan ans is an ongoing one I only have 6 chapters so far but that's my favorite manga right now I hope I'll get more chapters soon

Title : Devil's Call
Author : Tomoe Tenbu

A boy and a girl demon get their bodies fused together.I got two chapters tell me if there are more

Title : Hakaba no cupid
Author : ?

A male spirit poses one girls body and masturbates her then takes over another girl bodyto rape the first one

Title : Agoshu
Author : ?

A male spirit poses a girls body and masturbates her then uses her to have sex with another girl

Title : Babyma
Author : ?

A boy is turned into his sister after wearing her panties

Title : Kaikin
Author : ?

A boy is turned into a girl after using a drug then uses it to tunr his grilfriend's brother

Title : MH5
Author : ?

A girl uses a charm to swap bodies with her twin brothr lots of sex

Title :Kiwamete Kamoshida
Author : Naoshu Yamamoto

A perverted boy and a beautiful girl swap bodies he decides to have some fun with it

Title :Rental Body
Author : ?

A perverted sister swap bodies with her brother and uses his body to rape her own old body they return tio their originalbodies in the end

Title :Zendaki
Author : ?

A boy is turned into a girl after drinking a strange aphrodisiac before having sex with his girlfriend